Lease products

Lease products

Standard lease terms:

UBB Interlease finances the acquisition of high-quality equipment, transportation vehicles, cars and office equipment to companies in industries such as food-processing, beverage, printing industry, paper and packaging, commerce, wood-processing and furniture, construction materials and construction, metal-processing, retail services, apparel, textile, shoe-manufacturing, telecommunications and others.

Standard lease package for assets offered by UBB Interlease also includes:

  • Customs clearance and financing the payment of customs taxes (duties, VAT) in cases of import of assests;
  • Financing the payment of VAT at the assets purchase from Bulgarian suppliers;
  • Second-hand transportation vehicles: In case of taxes due for the acquisition of property according to the effective legislation, they are be paid by the Lessee;
  • Equipment: Insurance of the assets against principal insurance events (fire, explosion, natural calamities - earthquake, thunder-storm, hurricane, hailstorm, inundation, etc, damages in the central water-supply and sewerage systems, damages in the electricity network, robbery, etc) at reputable insurance companies under favorable conditions; The insurance premium is paid by the Lessee;
  • Transportation vehicles and cars: Insurance of the assets on terms of full CASCO insurance at reputable insurance companies under favorable conditions; the insurance premium is paid by the Lessee;
  • Transportation vehicles: Installation of protection devices and vehicle marking ( at the expense of the Lessee);
  • Cars: Installation of protection devices and vehicle marking ( if requested and at the expense of the Lessee);
  • Vehicles registration;
  • Second-hand transportation vehicles: Vehicles assessment based on the SCHWACKE directory;

The client chooses the vendor and specifies the type of assets that would be most appropriate for offering technologically up-to-date and competitive products and services. UBB Interlease assists the client both in vendor negotiation and in assets procurement.

The selection of assets, their quality and technical performance is made by the Lessee and UBB Interlease is NOT responsible for the correctness of that selection. UBB Interlease has the right to reject financing the purchase of certain kinds of assets for reasons such as: high price, inefficiency, low liquidity or environmental reasons. UBB Interlease shall transfer to the full extent to the Lessee all the rights arising from or in connection with the general and warranty liabilities of the manufacturer or vendor, as well as the rights arising from the service agreements related to the assets during the lease term. If necessary, any claims arising from the warranty liability or the service agreement that the Lessee might have, shall be directed to the manufacturer or the vendor of the assets.

The Lessee shall acquire ownership of the assets after the expiration of the contract term and after the payment of all lease Installments due under the lease contract. UBB Interlease offers an opportunity for prepayment of the assets and the Lessee may acquire ownership of the assets prior to the expiration of the contract term, provided that the payment of the full amount of the outstanding principal as well as a compensation fee equal to the interest charge for the month, following the date of the contract termination, are effected. Power of Attorney for using the transportation vehicles and cars shall be issued to the Lessee.

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