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Measures regarding the spread of COVID-19

Dear Customers and Partners,

Regarding the spread of COVID-19, I would like to assure you that in these unexpected and extraordinary events, UBB Interlease EAD has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of its customers and employees as a key priority as well as business continuity. With this in mind, we closely monitor the situation and follow all the instructions from the responsible authorities and the recommendations of KBC Group.

Please be informed that most of our employees, whereas is applicable, already work remotely from their homes. All the rest, including those who work with clients, have been provided with the necessary safeguards, as well as instructions for compliance with the relevant anti-epidemic measures.

As a leading financial institution, we currently have a double responsibility. We are looking for a balance between two equally important priorities: ensuring the well-being and health of each of our clients and employees, while ensuring the continuous fulfillment of our responsibilities to citizens, business and society. If we have had the confidence to be an innovative market leader with the ability to perform all key leasing processes through digital and remote routes, including, but not only, the signing of leasing contracts with our clients, now these developed technical and organizational solutions allow us to be even more useful to our customers also in the light of changing circumstances.

If you need to get in touch with our team, you can continue to rely on us by contacting the mobile phones of the respective employees, via email, the customer portal www.interlease.ws and the call center on 0800 12 666.

On behalf of the team of UBB Interlease EAD, I wish you and your families good health, and I hope that we will all take the necessary responsibility in this emergency.

Rudolf Kypta
Chief Executive Director
UBB Interlease EAD