Our Advantages

Why leasing from UBB Interlease?

Because we offer favorable lease terms

Our shareholder - provides to UBB Interlease financing at favorable terms allowing us in this way to offer our clients appealing terms and interest rates.

Because you know exactly how much your leasing will cost you

When the time for negotiating of the deal comes, we provide transparent and clean lease pricing to our clients. We quote the price of the leasing as annual non-compounded interest rate, which is comparable and competitive to the terms offered by the commercial banks.

Because we are able to finance big projects

Thanks to our shareholders, we are able to finance the purchase of production equipment and machinery at total values reaching Euro 3 million per customer.

Because you can have your business growing along with us

Our clients of good standing are in a position to take advantage of continuously improving financial terms and increasing flexibility in respect of the financed assets.

Because of our loyalty to the clients

Despite the high market risks Bulgaria, our clients can rely on support and continuation of the relationship in cases of temporary business slowdowns.

Because we will reply your request quickly

The usual approval time by UBB Interlease for deals amounting up to Euro 700,000 (amount financed) is not longer than 10 working days after the submission of all required documents. This term may be cut down to 5 working days depending on the deal's timing and potential. The approval time for deals bigger than the above-mentioned amount is typically within a month.

Because if you work with United Bulgarian Bank, you will receive preferable financial terms and faster deal processing

Both UBB Interlease and UBB are members of KBC Group and we actively work on joined projects as well as we offer our lease product in package with UBB's bank services. Clients of UBB are in a position to take advantage of comparable ineterst terms and they can rely on reduced approval time.